Seeking Respite in Hong Kong


1. Dragon’s Back Trail

Hong Kong is a busy metropolis. In my most recent trip, I attempted to search for a Hong Kong that is closer to nature. I decided to take a trip to hike at the popular Dragon’s Back Trail.

How to get there?


Take the MTR to Shao Kei Wan Station, then go to the bus interchange and take Bus 9 to To Teo Wan., Shek-O Road. That is where you alight and follow this sign and begin your trail.

What to see?

It will take you 45 minutes to hike all the way to the range of the peak. This trail will lead you to the middle part of peak. You can explore the right side or left side. of the peak, for different vantage points of the trail. I believe the trail is named as Dragon Back because the whole ridge resembles the spine of a dragon.

Left side of the ridge


Walking to the right side of the ridge

We walked across the ridge and slowly descended the mountain towards the right side. Surprisingly that took me almost 1 hour to descend back to a place where I could take a bus back to Shao Kei Wan to take the train back to the city.

Overall, while this place can’t beat the scenic mountainscape of Iceland and Norway, it is a good break from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong city.

2. Lantau Island Gems

Big Buddha

Only managed to catch it in the mist which makes the experience even more mysterious and impressive

How to get there?

Go to Tung Chung MTR station, you can either take Ngong Ping Cable Car (25 minutes journey) or bus 23 (50 minutes journey).

What to see?


The Big Buddha is the highlight of this place located on the peak of Mount Mok Yue here. When I come here, I always feel at peace. It’s like a ‘pilgrimage’ or ritual climbing up the steps towards the Big Buddha. After you reach the top, for good karmic points, you should circumambulate (walk in a circular manner) clockwise around the Buddha. As you walk around the giant Buddha, take a moment and look at the view.


Bodhisattvas surrounding the Buddha



How to get there?

Go to Tung Chung MTR station and take bus 11 to Tai-O which takes approximately 50 minutes. The bus will take you through a winding journey around the mountains to Tai-O. If you want to head to Tai-O from the Big Buddha, you can take bus 21.

What to see?


This has always been a favourite place to go to whenever I go to Hong Kong. This small fishing village is a stopover I would make if I am heading to Lantau island. This beautiful village is like a southern Chinese charm. It’s like walking into a time portal and entering an era to see how a old Chinese fishing village would look like. The houses here are built on stilts along the banks of the river leading to the sea.



What I love about this place is the scenic photos from the jetty against the Lantau Island mountains and the streaming rivers flowing to the sea.


There’s some street food here that is worth trying such as the beancurd with brown sugar and roasted cuttlefish. The rest of the food stores are what you would normally find in main city area of Hong Kong.



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