My HongKong Food Favourites (Part 3 – 茶產廳 Char Chan Teng and other snacks)

1. Capital Café 華星冰室

Address: Kwong Sang Hong Building Block B-d, 6 Heard St, Wan Chai, Hong Kong



If you are into creamy scrambled eggs and toast topped with truffle bits, this will be the place to head to. They are renowned for mixing Hokkaido milk into their eggs which creates this creamy, watery scrambled egg that is so flavourful.

Craving for that extra truffle fragrance? Just top up a little more and enjoy your scrambled eggs with truffle bits sprinkled onto of your scrambled eggs.


2. Honolulu Cafe

Address: 33 Stanley St, Central, Hong Kong

Credits: By Laisuadoleml (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I was here for a typical 茶產廳 Char Chan Teng afternoon tea which usually consists of macaroni with ham and eggs (choice of sunny side up or scrambled) with toast and a drink. My preference is for drink is always Yuan Yang (mix of tea and coffee with milk). That’s always my personal favourite because you get the fragrance of tea and coffee all at the same time. Also I have slight bad read reaction to caffeine so having the tea balances it. I haven’t manage to try most of the menu yet but do let me know what you think if you have tried it! I need to apologise because I don’t have the photo of the food at this place! Only the box is left… 


3. 金華冰室 (Kam Wah Cafe)

Address: G/F,, 47 Bute St, Mong Kok, Hong Kong




This 茶產廳 Char Chan Teng is famous for it 菠蘿包 Buo Luo Bun. The bun here is baked freshly every hour I think because it’s always sold out the moment it appears. The constant baking in the back of the cafe keeps hungry customers satisfied.

Other must tries at this place is their breakfast set. Usually I would take the breakfast set with satay beef with instant noodles, accompanied by ham, scrambled egg / sunny side up, toast and a Yuan Yang. Other choices for breakfast mains include rice noodles with preserved vegetables, macaroni with char siew and oatmeal porridge.


I recommended this place to my friend who really loved the curry cheese noodles here. Perhaps you can give it a try too!

There’s so many other places and food that I want to recommend and urge you to try! But sadly I can’t remember the name of the place but here are the snacks/desserts/food that you should try.

A. Porridge & rice rolls

Fried Soy Sauce Noodles (豉油王炒麵)


Pig Liver Rice Roll (豬肝腸粉)

These stalls are dotted around every corner in Hong Kong and usually pretty decent. Try it for breakfast. One important item to order is dough fritters wrapped in rice roll (炸兩) or cow tongue fritters (牛俐蘇) wrapped in rice roll. Also order thedifferent types of rice roll that these porridge shops serve. Very awesome! You can order a dish of noodles to go with your porridge. Something that I do, is to dip the noodle or mix it into the porridge and have it together. I didn’t include an image of porridge here because they look bland and boring. But you have to try Hong Kong style porridge. Brewed with lots of goodness.

B. Bowl Rice Cake (砵仔糕)


What I love about this snack is the chewy texture, brown sugar sweetness and fragrance that’s not sickeningly sweet. The crunch that the red beans provides a contrast to the chewy texture you will be experiencing. A famous one to go for is 砵仔王 Tung Ning Building, Hillier St, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Opens from around 9am till evening 7pm.

C. Fried Smelly Tofu


Definitely not every one’s favourite, but I love it. The tofu has a distinctive pungent ‘aroma’. Combined with the chilli, the fried tofu offers a unique experience that you should savour if you have the stomach for it. One that I always frequent is the one at Fa Yuen Street, same area as 金華冰室. Just follow the smell and you can find it. That store also sells different type of street snacks. 

D. Curry Fishballs

Credits: By Silvermetals (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons
I love curry fishballs especially those that packs a spicy numbing punch to your mouth. Definitely worth the try! I love how it is different from Singapore’s fishballs. The fishballs here are not bouncy, firmer and more chewy. But I like how they soak in the curry sauce for several hours, soaking up all the flavours and spices.

One place that I would not recommend is the one located at Causeway Bay nearest to Times Square. The fishballs they serve there is bad…

E. Egg waffles


Commonly sold as a street snack, you have to try this egg waffle. It is vastly different from those green waffles served at bakeries around Singapore. They are very crispy and you can tear off each individual egg shape piece and eat. They are crispy and chewy at the same time. Usually comes in different flavours like yam, chocolate, plain, sesame. Sometimes you can even mix 2 different batters together to experience two different flavours at the same time.

With this, I’ve come to the end of my food series in Hong Kong! Well until next time when I do go to Hong Kong for more food adventures. Stay tuned for the next post on hiking dragon’s back trial. If you like the content here, follow me on my facebook:! Need your support to keep me going!


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