My HongKong Food Favourites (Part 2)

This is a continuation of my Hong Kong food experience. Some of these places were discovered in my most recent trip. You don’t have to follow these places but be open to trying those street cooking eatery kind of places you might end up discovering some of the best food you tasted.

1. 漢發麵家

Address: 192 Tai Nan St, Tong Mi, Hong Kong (Nearest MTR – Sham Shui Po)

Price Range: 6-10 SGD


I chanced upon this place while searching for a photographic spot from the roof top at Sham Shui Po. This was a popular noodle place and its specialty was the pig liver instant noodle soup. Most eateries in Hong Kong particularly 茶產廳 (char chan teng/coffee shop), offer set meals throughout the day that includes scrambled eggs, toast and a drink depending on the time of the day. So be sure to check out their set meal before ordering or you might miss out a good deal!

IMG_9597.JPGWhat I like about having pig liver in Hong Kong is the very distinctive difference in texture and crunch compared to those in Singapore. Typically in Singapore, pig liver tend to be very tough and powdery in nature. Somehow, they are always overcooked and not nice. Pig liver in Hong Kong have a soft, bouncy, crunchy finishing. Not at all tough and powdery. I absolutely loved it! Best pig liver I had in life. But my friend felt a bit ‘queasy’ for having too much of pig liver.

Overall highly recommended if you come to Sham Shui Po area for the second hand watches or appliances market, purchase textile or visit the electronics place.

2. Oddies Foodies

Address: 45 Gough St, Central, Hong Kong

Price range: 7-13 SGD


Another place discovered by accident! I was looking for Elephant Grounds Coffee Place and was walking around the SoHo / mid levels area of Hong Kong. Then right round a corner, I spot this fancy cool looking sign and upon closer look was actually a soft serve ice cream place.


It was quiet when I was there but I saw some features of the store on media. I ordered the signature egg waffle, with soft serve and green tea ice cream. Very pricey to be honest, 12 SGD for this dessert but worth it. The green tea ice cream was creamy and was strong with green tea fragrance. Soft serve was just as milky and creamy. The egg waffle was crispy and mildly sweet. You could tell that the flour used for the waffle was of quality.


Just go try it.

3. Tai Cheong Bakery

Address: 35 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

Price Range: 3.5 SGD per egg tart (if I remember correctly)

Credits to: By Mk2010 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

I know we have 2 branches in Singapore, one in the basement of Ngee Ann City (Takashimaya) and one in Holland Village (Char Chan Teng style). But what’s more authentic than having to eat egg tart in Hong Kong straight from the origin.

The best egg tart is usually straight out of the oven and still warm. For Tai Cheong bakery, what’s good is the buttery pastry combined with that warm silky egg pudding inside. It’s worth the try. But even if you don’t have the chance to check out this place, there are plenty of bakery around Hong Kong and most of them make pretty decent egg tarts and bread. You don’t have to travel all the way to this place if it’s not on your itinerary but make sure you try egg tarts that’s freshly baked in Hong Kong.

4. Lockhart Road Market 駱克道街市

Address: 225 Hennessy Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Price Range: 6-9 SGD


I included this because I discovered this place in my most recent trip. It is their version of hawker centre. There are about 5 to 6 stores here. I tried two of the places in that place, one serving traditional 車仔麵. This is a noodle dish where you get to choose your type of noodle and up to three types of accompanying ingredients like: radish, pig’s blood, pig intestines, seaweed chicken, sausage, pig liver, kangkung (morning glory).

This noodle cost me around 7 SGD which was of generous portion making it a warm and hearty breakfast.


The following day, I had lunch at another store that served mutton curry rice, char siew rice, roasted duck rice and roasted goose rice, steam fish rice etc. Each meal is served with a bowl of soup as Cantonese love their soup. Another hearty filling lunch. The mutton was stewed so long it melts in your mouth.

For Halal visitors to Hong Kong, the hawker centre also has a Halal store that serves similar style food.

5. Ho Hung Kee Wonton Noodles

Address: Hysan Place, 12F, 500 Hennessy Rd, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Price Range: 12-15 SGD


I’ve been here before it shifted to Hysan Place. That was of course a more authentic experience than the upgraded version. A normal bowl of wonton noodle comes with about 5 wontons and some scallions. Each wonton was packed full with a prawn and some minced pork. Well it’s been labeled 1 Michelin star. Not the cheapest place to dine also. Just try if you have the budget for it or on a quest to conquer all Michelin star items.


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