Mini Temple Run (Bali)

In my recent short trip to Bali, I made an aim to visit the temples in Bali. Learning the architecture, folklore and mythology from Art History during my college days left me curious and fascinated about the culture. I took the opportunity during my time here and left my group of friends to explore these temples.

The Balinese temples are built based on their belief of Balinese Hinduism practised by 83% of the locals there. They incorporate local animism, ancestor worship and severance for Bodhisattva from Buddhism. Balinese temples have a distinct layout that is typically defined by a wall compound containing many shrines, towers and pavilions. The layout is informed by the Balinese trimandala spatial layout that represents the different zones that the various deities reside in the cosmic universe. The usual tallest tower represents the concept of a almighty god in the single tower.

1. Pura Ulun Danu Bratan


The Ulun Danu temple is one of the scenic and unique temple in Bali situated in a lake north of Bali in a higher altitude region. The weather is much cooler and cloudier as well. As with most Balinese temples, this temple was swarmed with tourists.


Interiors of Balinese temples are forbidden for tourists to enter and only permitted for locals dressed in traditional costumes who are there to pray.


2. Pura Taman Ayun


This temple has the nickname of ‘Garden Temple’. It is a beautiful temple surrounded by water. Take a walk around the temple perimeter and you can look over into the the amazing architecture inside. The interior of the temple is only open during religious activity and is forbidden to tourists. Really peaceful and much less touristy than the other temples.






3. Tanah Lot


The last temple for my mini temple run is the renowned Tanah Lot. The temple is situated on the coast of Bali. During high tide, the temple is isolated off the island. During low tide, the temple accessible by foot. Small puddles of water left in potholes allows you to have a peek of marine life of the Balinese coast. You can see sea urchins, starfishes, crabs, fishes and corals. That is the first temple.

look at the amount of people…
Spot the crab!

There is a second temple located on the other side, make you check it out too for the sunset view.




All of this temples require a small entry fee. To get to the temples, I engaged a driver (Eka – Facebook page and contact below) for a whole day. The cost for renting the car is around 400K Indonesian Rupiah. He provides awesome service, is on time and is able to get you local prices for most of the temples and other attractions such as Waterbed! You can also engage his help to book your hike for Mount Batur.

Shout out to Eka, this is his Facebook page: Facebook message him and he will be able to provide you his contact for you to WhatsApp and contact him. 


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