Riding the Waterfalls into Vik

We woke up the next morning really early to set off towards Vik at around 7.30am. Suffered a small panic attack when I thought I couldn’t find my wallet…

1 . Seljalandsfoss

IMG_1923 (1).jpg

The journey to Seljalandsfoss took me about 1 hour from my hostel. Along the way was vast plains of moss and volcanic land. You will notice a raised plateau with a few stretch of waterfalls cascading on to the land below from far.



IMG_1926 (1).jpg

IMG_1935 (1).jpg

The waterfalls looked tiny from far. But as you reach closer, the main waterfall was quite big. At 8.30am in the morning, there was a lone photographer and the 2 of us. I ate my breakfast with this epic view in sight and made my way to the back of the waterfall. It is a small pathway of rocks that could be challenging for some. But I made it with my trusty new balance sport shoes and the waterfall blasting torrential droplets at me. By the time I made it down I was completely drenched. So be prepared! Have a set of clothes to change in the car.

IMG_1943 (1).jpg
Behind the waterfall

IMG_1945 (1).jpg


If you walk further down the stretch you will find other smaller waterfalls along the way. Some of which you have to hike up the cliff to see.



2 . Skógafoss


Leaving the beautiful Seljalandsfoss, the next wonder to catch is the Skógafoss waterfall. The drive there is about 30 minutes from the previous location. The day began a bit cloudy. I was fortunate to have some sunlight and blue sky. Managed to capture a few shots before ascending up onto the top of the waterfall.


There is a staircase on the side that allows you to climb up. The hike up could
be challenging for some as it is quite steep. I would encourage to climb up to catch the view of a vast expanse of land and the river that creates the waterfall.

Once you get to the top of the waterfall, you can continue to hike along the river banks into the plains. Icelandic weather will be temperamental. During my climb I encountered sun, rain and hailstones in the matter of 30 minutes.


It started with bright sunlight and beautiful skies and as I approach the top, strong winds, rain and hail battered my face. My knees were still hurting from the cold. I gave up after a short hike towards the unknown plains.



As soon as I headed back to the staircase, the weather was back to being sunny and blue.
😪 . Now onwards to the next location, Sólheimasandur to see the renowned crash plane wreckage.


3 . Sólheimasandur (Coordinates 63 27.546-19 21.887)


To get there, drive a little bit further up Skógafoss waterfall and after crossing a river called Jökulsá, you will see a turn into Sólheimasandur. Just key in the coordinates and you will be correct. Last time I could drive in but now you will have to walk in. The walk takes about 45 minutes to an hour.

IMG_2038 (1).jpg

The drive there was very smooth and took us about 30 minutes to reach. As you approach the location, there is a sign that says Solheimassandur. When I was there, I was still able to drive to the location of the plane. But since last year, they have banned cars from driving into the place with a chain. So there is no choice but to park at the entrance area and walk towards the plane. The walk takes about 45 minutes or longer depending on the weather. Do not walk during a bad fog also as you might get lost in the vast Icelandic plains.

IMG_2039 (1).jpg



Be careful while u explore the interiors of the plane. There are sharp metal parts especially at the cockpit area. The story of the plane goes like this. It is a crashed US Navy airplane (Douglas Super DC-3). It had to crash land on the black sand beach.


IMG_2052 (1).jpg


PS: The crew survived.

4 . Vík


The plane was the last destination of the day before my pit stop at the Airbnb. By now, it was about 4pm. We asked our hosts where to head to and he told us we should check out the black sand beach and basalt columns and the small town of Vík.


IMG_2206 (1).jpg


If you wish to stay at his place: https://www.airbnb.com.sg/rooms/2226783

His place is able to host 6 people and he prepares a traditional Icelandic breakfast spread for his guests every morning. He is a farmer and has large plots of land including a waterfall in the mountain right behind the house.

The small town of Vík had the supermarket Bonus. But by the time we got there, it was close and had to settle for dinner at Icelandair Hotel restaurant. From the looks of the interiors, you could tell that the food ain’t gonna be cheap. But other than that love the interior and furniture of the place.

Interior of the hotel



I had some soup and salmon for dinner which tasted really fresh. Icelandic food is close to being organic. Especially their lamb! Their sheep are free range, eat naturally grown grass and are super happy roaming around the mountains.



5. Reynisfjara (Black sand beach and basalt columns)


The journey to Reynifjara took about 20 minutes from the apartment. Oh boy… The wind at that place was damn strong. We were warned by our our hosts not to get to near to the coast as the waves were big and strong. People have been swept into the seas before, never to be found.



This concludes my adventure to Vík. In the next post, I will be at the south of Iceland visiting Vatnajökull National Park and the glacier lagoons.

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