Planning Your Summer Icelandic Adventure

This week, I am back to share with you the Icelandic Ring Road experience! Planning for Iceland was much easier than Norway because many of the major sites to see is along the Route 1 highway.

IMG_2661 (1).jpgIceland had always been a bucket list destination for me with its epic sceneries, untouched glaciers and pristine waterfalls. I decided to head there as my graduation trip and immerse myself in the calmness of nature. Those vast moss covered volcanic plains are too hard to resist. I picked the summer to head to Iceland as there was maximum hours daylight and I felt safer to drive in summer weather.


Here are some tips and checklist before embarking on your adventure. To give a general sense of my trip, these are my stopover points along the ring road. I shared this adventure with one friend in 14 days! If you want to have a relaxed trip that doesn’t involve you racing across the country, 14 days is ideal to explore most of the island.

  1. Reykjavik
  2. Hveragerði
  3. Vik
  4. Höfn
  5. Myvatn
  6. Akureyri
  7. Reykjavik


I planned this trip such that I covered most of the major sights in Iceland. From Reykjavik, I drove þingvellir, Gulfoss and Geysir which is also known as the Golden Circle route. After which I drove down the Hveragerði as it was along the way to Vik. During the journey to Vik, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss are two waterfalls along the way. From Vik, I drove to Höfn with Vatnajökull national park and the famous Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon as sites to visit. From Höfn, it is a long drive up to the Lake Myvatn region. In that region there are quite a few places to see there which will be covered in one of the coming post Adventure Time at Lake Myvatn as part of the Icelandic trip series. From Lake Myvatn, I drove up to Akureyri then after that back to Reykjavik. I have attached the google maps screenshots that summarises my trip.

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 12.58.07 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 1.13.19 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-03-12 at 1.13.58 AM.png


Air Tickets (Finnair from Singapore to Reykjavik with a transit in Finland)  SGD 1454.50

Accommodation (for 1 person)

Accommodation in Reykjavik at Kex Hostel 67 SGD per night

Accommodation in Hveragerði at Hjardarból Hostel SGD 61.50 per night

Accommodation in Vik Airbnb SGD 100 per night

Accommodation in Höfn Hostel SGD 50 per night

Accommodation in Myvatn Hotel SGD 65.50 per night

Accommodation in Akureyri Airbnb SGD 71.25 per night

Accommodation in Reykjavik Airbnb SGD 58.75 per night

Car Rental

Rental for 9 days 874.59 SGD split between 2 person which would make it 437 SGD per person


1000 SGD

Total Expenses

3365.50 SGD

Air Tickets

As I planned my trip such that I flew to Reykjavik without any stopovers in any European countries. I wanted to immerse myself completely in Iceland without over stressing myself in planning for the different countries I was heading too.


Sometimes planning for travelling could be stressful. Especially the part on coordinating the locations, making sure there is sufficient time commuting from place to place without missing any flights.


These were the different locations that I stayed throughout my trip. Be sure to check them out! I would be reviewing these lodging I stayed at in the coming posts for each pitstop I made in Iceland.

IMG_1559 (1).jpg1. Kex Hostel, Skúlagata 28, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

IMG_1911.jpg2. Hjardarból Hostel, Hjardarból Hveragerði – 816, Iceland

IMG_2107.jpg3. Vik Airbnb –

IMG_2754 copy.jpg4. Hofn Hostel, Hvannabraut 3, Höfn, 780, Iceland

IMG_2931 (1).jpg5. Dimmuborgir Guesthouse, Geiteyjarstrond 1 Myvatn, 660, Iceland

IMG_3284.jpg6. Akureyri Airbnb –

IMG_3823 (1).jpg7. Reykjavik Airbnb – (I don’t have an image of the airbnb but the view in front of the apartment is this lake)

Car Rental


I rented my car from this site:  The company which we got our car from is Green Motion at downtown Reykjavik. What’s unique about car rental in Iceland is they would pick you up from your accommodation and send you to their care rental shop. After you return the car at the rental shop, Icelandic car rentals would send you back to your lodging.

From my experience, because they were late on picking me up, they threw in the GPS for free. So you could ask for some sort of compensation if their service is not on par. But usually they are quite hospitable to throw in some free stuff for you if their service is not on point.

Cash Expenses

Icelandic currency can be exchanged at the airport arrival area. Icelandic currency cannot be exchanged from Singapore. The best way is to change your money when you arrive in Keflavik Airport. As they do not accept Singapore Dollars, do change to Euros or British Pounds in order to exchange for Icelandic Krona. Before you leave, be sure to exchange back your Icelandic currency to Euros or any other desired currency. Take note, they would only exchange back Icelandic notes and not the coins. Be sure to finish up using your coins before you leave!

Upcoming post: Reykjavik


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