Places to See in a Wintry Tromsø

1.Arctic Cathedral Ishavskatedralen


The Arctic Cathedral also known is Ishavskatedralen was built in 1965 by the architect Jan Inge Hovig. The structure resembles stacking triangles in a row unlike churches we commonly see. The site offers a panoramic view of Tromsø.

IMG_7843 copy.jpg



We had a moment where we played Pokemon Go with local children at the church. It was so funny interacting the kids. I battled the gym so they could occupy the gym hahahaha… 



How to get there?

Either take public bus 42 from downtown Tromsø to go across the bridge or walk across the bridge which might be physically challenging in the cold and early sunset at 2.30pm.

2. Fjellheisen


When you first arrive through the cable car, be greeted by the view of downtown Tromsø. Make your way up to the warm cabin and be awed by the view of a snow plain. Take a hike up into the mountain summit ahead.


In winter, daylight is short, so take note of the time as you climb to the summit. Also, there isn’t any barricades around so follow the trail. If you go off path, thread carefully as it might be slippery. The short hike started like this with awesome sunny weather.


This is the view of Tromsø after getting off the cable car.


And this is hiking up in the other direction which took us to the mountains and a frozen pond up the mountain.


Wanted to hike all the way to the summit but the weather deteriorated really quickly.

IMG_7991 copy.jpg

Within 30 minutes of hiking up, the weather turned into a snowstorm and the sun started to set. It was slightly scary because it turned into a white out moment and I couldn’t tell which direction I was heading.


How to get there?

Take bus 26, 42 from downtown Tromsø there, then take the cable car up the slope for 170 NOK. The cable car departs every half hour. The view is worth it.

3. Polaria

IMG_7794 copy.jpg

Polaria is the world’s northern most aquarium. I didn’t manage to go into the aquarium as it was closed. But if you admire architecture it is worth to head there and take a few picture against the snowy mountain and setting sun.

IMG_7800 copy.jpg


How to get there?

Walkable from downtown Tromsø I think it would be good if you ask the friendly locals on how to walk there who will be able to guide you from where you are.

Tromsø Transport Guide

Get the local bus ticket for 7 days (250NOK) if you are staying for a couple of days as a day ticket costs 90NOK which might not be worth it as long as you are staying for more than 3 days (270NOK).

Ticket price information retrieved from here:

PS: Try the local beers! Bought from the local brewery 

Mack’s Brewery (Macks Olbryggeri) Address: Storgata 4, Tromso 9008, Norway



This is a Sushi beer that I tried… So good. Freshly brewed beer with a hint of sushi taste.

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