In Search of Northern Lights in Tromsø

aurora8 copy.jpg

To be able to see Northern lights, the conditions required would be clear skies and you are able to see stars in the skies. On a good day with strong solar activity, you might be able to see it within the city itself. But to see the full glory of northern lights, it is best to find a dark area such as a park with minimal light pollution. I would advice to stay in Tromsø for about 5 days for better chance to catch the lights.


Prestvannet, 9011 Tromsø, Norway

A popular spot to view northern lights is at Prestvannet. Yup we were really standing on the lake. There is minimal light pollution at this lake. Locals and tourists would come up here to view the lights or have a stroll in the park after dinner. You will be able to see it with your naked eyes but the lights are quite faint.

To get to this place, you could drive and it probably take at most 20 minutes from the furthest point of Tromsø city. The bus 40 that goes to the airport will take you to the Prestvannet lake.

Tromsø city is a small city which you can easily travel around via bus as well. Bus tickets are available from the local 7-11 or Narvassen. Similarly, depending on how long you are staying in Tromsø city you should purchase the bus ticket for 5 days.


Sadly I was there on a cloudy day, but managed to catch a bit of the light. There was a rare burst of the yellow and purple lights but most of it was the green lights. I could not get my DSLR to work so I downloaded the app called Northern Lights Photo Taker from the app store to capture the lights. 

Link to the app:

Using the app I took the above photos. Not the best quality but got to make do with it.

Another option is to do a local northern lights tour. I personally did one with Aurora Excursion for 1000NOK. The pick up is at Scandic Ishavshotell in downtown Tromsø at 5pm. After the tour, the tour bus will send you back to each guests’ respective accommodation. Pictures taken during the trip will be sent to your email after the trip. 

After you board the van, you will be transported to this place called Sommarøy. After which you will be given thermal wear and ice grip for shoes like my friend here.


When the lights started to appear, they appeared in bands out of the sky. You could see these bands dancing in the starry night.

Images are captured by Aurora Excursions and post edited by me.


aurora1 copy.JPG

aurora7 copy.jpg

aurora6 copy.jpg

aurora4 copy.jpg

As you lie on the ground and stare into the dancing auroras in the sky, the guides will prepare a fireplace where you could roast some marshmallows and sip some hot tea. That roasted crusty marshmallow with gooey sweetness and hot tea hits the spot as you are surrounded with dancing aurora lights.


I depart the place with these images etched in my head. This is an experience that you have to try at least once in your life. Having that multitude of aurora blasting and dancing in the starry night is the experience of a lifetime, a miracle of nature.

aurora9 copy.jpg

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions @ Like! Share!

Check out their link here:

Images are captured by Aurora Excursions and post edited by me.


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