The Traveller’s Oslo Transport Guide

1. Arriving from Oslo Gadermoen Airport


Remember to bring your student card,. Depending on the location of your stay, take either the Flybus or the train to Oslo city.

The train from airport to the city is 180NOK while buses cost about 190NOK. But the return bus tickets are cheaper. I took the option to take bus as it was closer to my Airbnb. The train brings you straight to Oslo central which might make it slightly inconvenient as you might need to change to tram or bus lugging your luggages with you.

2. Traveling within Oslo city itself

The Ruter card is the key to Oslo’s public transport. This card is applicable for all modes of public transport around Oslo for the metro, trams, buses and boats. Depending on your duration of stay, you can decide between the different types of tickers here.

Personally for me, as I was in Oslo for close to 5 days. It made sense to get the 7 day pass for 240NOK as it was cheaper than getting 5 ‘24H’ tickets that cost me 300NOK. Public transport is the cheapest way to get around Oslo as typical cab or Uber rides cost 100-300 NOK.

Single ticket pre-bought

(free transfer/return within 1 hour)

Adult 32 NOK

Child/senior 16 NOK

Single ticket, bought from driver

(free transfer/return within 1 hour)

Adult 50 NOK

Child/senior 25 NOK

24-hour ticket

(flexible start time, non-personal ticket)

Adult 90 NOK

Child/senior 45 NOK

7-day ticket

(flexible start date, non-personal ticket)

Adult 240 NOK

Child/youth/senior 120 NOK

(insert image of tram stop)

You can purchase the Ruter card at the local 7-11 or Narvassen convenient stall. Once you tap the card at the scanner, the card is activated. It can be used for any form of transport travelling within Oslo city itself. 

Tip: After a night of clubbing and drinking but can’t bear to spend some more money on cab or uber? Don’t worry! Oslo public transport got you covered, it runs 24 hours a day and you will be able to get back home. But frequency of transport past midnight could be every hour.


I love taking trams because I don’t get to travel in them in Singapore. In Oslo if you notice the right side of the image, is an indication of the E.T.A of trams or buses. They are very accurate.



I took the ferry (B10) to Nessoden using my Ruter card from Aker Brygge. You could see some fjords for free using your Ruter card.


Mother nature wasn’t kind to me on that day and I got a blue gloomy day. But it gave a different light to the outskirts of Oslo, a different sense of serenity.


Unlike in Singapore, you don’t have to tap to enter the train station.


Wishing you a pleasant commuting experience in Oslo. Feel free to email or DM me questions. Like! Share! n Subscribe!


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