7 Places to Discover in Oslo

I was there during the period of mid November to early December with limited daylight. The sun typically rises at about 7am then sets at around 3.30pm. Here are my recommendations for Oslo during this early winter period.

1 Aker Brygge


Aker Brygge is the harbour area in Oslo with nice view facing the sea and islands. This is the place where you could have a drink, grab a cup of coffee or take a stroll to the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art for some art. Remember to bring you student card ; )

Astrup Fearnley Musuem



If you are into contemporary art you will love this place. This is a huge gallery with large scale art pieces and they have Damien Hirst’s work here!



What’s worth to buy here?

The tote bags – 40 NOK

These tote bags are a real good deal at only about 8 SGD. The designs are really awesome and the quality of the canvas material is good, thick and hardy.

Entrance Fee:

Admission:                                  120NOK 

Student:                                      80NOK

Opening hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 12-17

Thursday: 12-19

Saturday, Sunday: 11-17

Mondays closed

Ferry B10 to Nessoden

If you want a cheap way to see nearby fjords, use your Ruter Card (Oslo transit card) and board the ferry B10 at Aker Brygge. Unfortunately when I was there, the weather wasn’t too good to me. All I saw was blueness and rain which was still nice to me coming from a warm tropical climate.

2 Akershus Fortress (free entrance)


Akershus Fortress is a huge landmark in Oslo that you could see from Aker Brygge across the stretch of water from the harbour. From the fortress, you could see the city skyline and experience an ancient military fortress. But you will see some actual soldiers here! The fortress is in fact a military academy of sorts. There is a museum here which you can enter for 60 NOK which explains to you the history about how the Nazis invaded Norway.



The fortress is on the creepier side, as it is dotted with strange little girl statues that are playing hide and seek around the castle. Nonetheless, still worth to come take a look. I came here around evening which made my photos look gloomy.

3 Christmas Market (free entrance)


Experience a Scandinavian Christmas at the Christmas market of Oslo. Located at Spikersuppa, the market houses a carousel, skating rink, ferris wheel and different food stores.

You can try this Elk meat burger, it was so good in the chill winds of winter.



Apologies for the blurred burger image I was too hungry!



View of the Christmas market from a National Theatre station.

4 Frognerparken (Vigeland Park) (free entrance)


The Vigeland park is dotted with sculptures created by a single artist named Gustav Vigeland. I was fortunate to be blessed with good weather that day and was able to experience the full glory of the park. 


IMG_7374.jpg IMG_7323.jpg

The park is dotted with nude sculptures that I think is a celebration of the human form. My phone died from the cold so this are some images of the park I managed to capture.

Pro Tip: Phones die in low temperatures about 6 degrees celcius and below. Resurrect you phones or keep you phone alive with a portable charger. I recommend the Xiaomi 25ooo portable charger that have juice to survive for a couple of days. 


As you are walking in the park, do note that you need a 10 NOK coin to answer nature’s call.


The stop to alight for this place is Vigelands parken.

5 Oslo Opera House (free entrance)


It snowed on the day and the paths were a bit slippery.  But I managed to catch a beautiful sunset of Oslo from the opera house. It’s a short walk from Karl Johans Gate. Take a walk up the steps that lead up to the roofs of the opera house to see the city of Oslo. 


Epic sunset from the opera house





6 Sognsvann


This nature spot is a must see when you come to Oslo. Take a stroll around this beautiful lake and breathe in the fresh air.


You can walk on the frozen areas of the lake but do it at your own risk. If you hear a crack, thread lightly as you risk falling into the frozen lake.







To get to Sognsvann take the T-Bahn green line to the last stop of Sognsvann.


7 Frognerseteren (free entrance)


Come here for an authentic Norwegian meal at Frognerseteren Restaurant and Cafe. Don’t got for the expensive one! There’s a cheaper option inside which is the cafe. Get a seat first upstairs, then head downwards to purchase your meal. Experience the decor of the restaurant since 1891. The Norwegian royal family dines at this place every year. To get here, take the T-Bahn to Frognerseteren Station. There will be signs around to guide you.


I had the Norwegian meatballs that was juicy and tender, very different from the conventional IKEA meatballs that we usually have. The meat were accompanied by boiled mini potatoes, a Norwegian staple, mashed peas and cranberry jam. The combination just works perfectly. And to wash it down, I had apple and elderflower cider.


My companion had shredded beef, accompanied by fresh greens and boiled potatoes. The meat was just wonderfully tender.


Finished off the meal with some awesome apple pie and chocolate meringue. The apple pie is one of the signature dessert of the restaurant and the meringue just reminded me of kueh bankit just lighter and sweeter.


Kafe Seterstua:

Mon – Sat 11:00 – 22:00

Sun 11:00 – 21:00

Restaurant Finstua:

Mon – Fri 12:00 – 22:00

Sat 13:00 – 22:00

Sun 13:00 – 21:0

After your meal, take a stroll down to the Winter Olympic Ski Jump ramp at Holmenkollen. Walk down the slope along the road down the hill.

Along the way you will see another attraction which is the Holmenkollen Chapel.


The church up close.


The famous ski jump at Holmenkollen!




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